I'm a stepmother this month

Yeah, I know it's been a while...I've been told!!

The stepsons are here and things are fine, boring but fine. The oldest (11) is hitting the moody ages early. His voice is changing. The surliness surround him. Just a joy to be around. I'll borrow junkmel's description...he's my own little killjoy.

The youngest one (9) I could just marry him. He's talkative, fun, enjoys eating and watching food network. What more can I ask for?!?!!!

Today I have banned playstations and tv's. Don't ask me why. I realize now I'm the one being punished more than them. It's not even a punishment for them. I just want them to DO something. I really hope the oldest gets out of his pajamas today.

So that's what's been going on here. I'm making some jewelry when the desire hits me. I even have a few orders for the stamped stuff I need to work on.

On the diet front, the wall collapsed and the enemy is everywhere. I haven't been curving in over two weeks. To be honest, I'm not really missing it either. The work pants fit the other day, but the work tops were a little snug. Disgusting.

There's my life, nothing thrilling. I'm looking forward to the last week of the kids' visit. BZ will be with them the entire time since a court term starts for me. I'm holding on for that alone. :)

Have a good one, Girls!!

PS I overheard the youngest telling his mom over the phone that "he" doesn't listen to my questions. I asked him afterwards who he was talking about and he said BZ. I got the youngest to tell BZ himself that statement. Of course BZ was shocked and confused. He brushes aside some of what they say or ask. In his defense though, he does do a LOT of explaining to them and does answer questions. I guess it's the odd time that sticks out in youngest's mind. But since I had the opportunity, I seized it with both hands and pointed out to him after the kids left the room that he ALWAYS gets the kids to do/watch what he wants to watch. He NEVER sits in a room when their shows are playing and watches with them, not that he has to every time, but at least once or twice. He definitely shouldn't change the channel to something he wants to watch and try to get them interested in it. I told him if you watch, they always leave the room when you change the channel. No, I got no feedback, but at least I got it off my chest, all thanks to the youngest with no coaching from me! :)

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